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Drumstick Chew Bar

From £0.20


Chocolate Bananas

From £0.50


Milky Choo Bar

From £0.65


Icy Cups

From £0.70


Crispy Roll Milkyway

From £0.80


Hersheys Bar

From £1.00


Cow Tales

From £1.00


M&M mini cookies

From £1.00


Chocolate Raisins

From £1.70


Chocolate Peanuts

From £1.70


Chocolate Nibbles

From £1.70


Chewing toffee

From £1.70


Chocolate Caramels

From £1.70



From £1.70


Chocolate Puff Candy

From £1.70


Triple Choc fudge

From £1.70


Tips for Staff

From £2.00


Chelsea Whoppers

From £2.30


Chocolate Mix

From £4.00


Mr Beast Chocolate

From £4.00


Mystery box

From £10.00


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